About Arctic Wind

Kennel owned by Bob and Jan Shaw
Dogs trained and raced by Laura and Stan Bontrager
Bob and Jan Shaw have been involved in Dog Sledding for over a 35 years, and their expertise and experience pays off.

Bob and Jan decided to retire from competitive mushing at the close of the 2003 racing season.  At that point they downsized from 54 dogs to 19, and asked the Bontrager family to take over the bulk of the conditioning and racing duties.  Arctic Wind is still heavily involved in the sport.  In addition to maintaining, training and racing our active kennel, we volunteer and are involved in planning as well as acting as officials of the Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race throughout the year.  Jan can still be found out in the kennel yard every day, watering and feeding, shoveling platforms, scooping poop and everything else that goes into caring for a well-loved kennel.

Currently we have 16 dogs in the kennel, 11 of which run competitively, 5 recreational "semi-retirees", and Beccy, the kennel matriarch.  Among the pro-class and sportsman races we regularly run are the Tahquamenon race, Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race, and the Jack Pine 30. Laura Bontrager has also run the Midnight Run.Laura Bontrager finishing the 90-mile 2010 Midnight Run

Artic Wind is also continuing to host the annual rig sessions held each fall, with teams coming from throughout the midwest for leader training, passing practice, informative speakers, and to socialize with each other, renewing old friendships and forging new ones.  We look forward to seeing all of you the third weekend in October!
The training, breeding and nutritional programs of Arctic Wind have been very successful and have contributed to our winning record and high quality dogs.